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‘There is nothing pleasurable except what is in harmony with the utmost depth of our divine nature.’

Heinrich Suso

I am fascinated by the Golden Section proportion and seek to apply it in my garden design where appropriate. Golden Section proportions can be found in both nature and man-made structures. They exist in proportions of human begins, growth patterns of plants, animals, and infects and iconic design and architecture items such as Chanel Bag and Notre Dame de Ppari Cathedral. Golden section proportions are present in art, writing and music.

Golden Section division of a segment is a point that divides it into two segments so that the ratio of the lesser portion to the greater is the same as the greater to the whole.



This can be demonstrated by the drawing


2:3:5 is an example of approximate golden section.


2/3 approximately equals 3/5

This line can be continued 5:8:12:20:32:52

And with numbers increasing the ratio of one number to another will be defined closer and closer by 1.618.. the Golden Ratio.


0.618:1 = 1:1.618

It is not just merely three numbers but a relationship. This relationship has a sequence of numbers that can be infinitely continued toward either 0 or the infinity giving the desired approximations of the necessary distances. In the example above the relationship started from numbers 2 and 3. In the case of the garden and to be related to the garden the number that the initiates the series of dimensions has to be taken from the key dimension in the garden. This can be a side of the building, the width of the window or another prominent architectural element or one side of the garden.

Once used to define the dimensions of the garden elements both horizontal and vertical these sequences create harmonious spaces.

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