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Mathematician, relies on Golden Ratio proportions when designing gardens.


Tatyana is a mathematician and relies on strong geometric proportions when designing a garden. Fascinated by the Golden Ratio relationship, she has explored how this divine proportion affects garden space and discovered that people feel joy when they enter a garden laid out in accordance with these proportion.  Moreover, Tatyana is charmed observing the mathematical patterns of lace resulting in beautifully organic fabrics and she often perceives different landscapes as different styles of lace. 


Performances of flowers coming into bloom at different times, for different durations and with different intensity throughout the year, for her are associated with a musical symphony. Tatyana intends to study the principles of music composition to see how she can apply them in her planting design. 


Tatyana qualified with Garden Design Diploma from Inchbald School of Design in London.  She has contributed to various projects at Bradley-Hole Schoenaich Landscape Architecture Practice in Richmond, UK.


Tatyana lives in North London and works on projects in the UK and internationally.


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