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This amazing piece of land is situated directly on the Thames tributary. The reasoning behind the selection of this site was due to the clients’ desire for a dwelling in close proximity to the water.  Being right on the waterfront carries a risk of erosion and flooding and when I was invited to help with the garden design, the clients already had ideas of concreting the waterfront to prevent it from being damaged by floods. 


The immediate idea was to recommend building an amphitheatre on the waterfront with built-in steps and seating. As a result, the tributary started to play the well deserved central role in the garden.  Together with the clients we have worked out the best position for the Summer House and they are very pleased with the views this new location offers.



Furthermore, I have explored the dimensions of the garden and to common satisfaction have found a way to use the golden ratio relationship to order the rest of the site into a series of terraces to be planted with perennials and grasses.


The grid was taken from the house and based on dimensions generated by a series of golden ratio relationships initiated by the length of one side of the house. 




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