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For this project, the clients wanted a classic English garden and a parterre.  They stated a preference for geometric shapes and clipped hedges and had a keen desire to find ways of bringing symmetry into the space.


The approach to this garden was based on allowing the buildings on the site to naturally create their own grid systems and then to bring them together in the areas surrounded by the respective buildings.

The main approach to the house is organised as a terraced clipped box hedge with slits.  These slits line up with colourful birch trees planted further away from the house. The box hedge brings together the geometry of the house and of the slope. 


The former croquet lawn was converted into parterre – a perfect place to be viewed from the terrace above and from the main house. The parterre, despite being traditional in its idea of clipped box hedge surrounding blocks of planting, is nevertheless very dynamic. The geometry brings together the grid lines of the house, the Leigh Place Wall and the cottages. The parterre contains a series of fountains in the form of trees. The retaining walls are decorated by 4-point arches and brick inserts.


The rear of the house is defined by cottages and the tennis court.  This area is organised as a fusion of the linear geometry of the house and the angle of the cottages, through clipped 2-metre yew blocks and terraced hornbeam hedges.  



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