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The variety and the contrast of all the things that make us happy in life: warm sun light twinkling through leaves, gorgeous protection of the tree canopy, softness of

bark under foot, the stillness of the the mirror of water, crispiness and comfort of solid surface, fragrance and gentleness of beautiful flowers…


This garden offers an experience of different surfaces both in horizontal and vertical plane. Simple geometry of the wooden frame stages and offers choices of differentexperience for the visitor. One can enjoy the possibility to sit on the bench under gorgeous tree canopy and enjoy the view of the reflective water, stroll along the pond, make her way under the tress, observe from the side.

Contrast of stillness and dynamics, light and shade, softness and solidity all come together to create one whole experience of pleasure of experience. The fruiting trees promising harvest in autumn, fragrant flowers smiling and following the sun, the water mirroring everything, the light making it through the leaves and bouncing off.


This design can be used as a private garden and as a part of public landscape.


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