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Home Page: photography by Daniel Zabezhinsky


About: background photography by Mathijs Delva (


Photo of Tatyana Shynkarenko by Daniel Zabezhinsky


Approach: Lace is Everywhere slideshow photography by Kiuko, Angela Babkina, Daniel Zabezhinsky


Razdory 3d visualisation by Sabrina Talamhoni





Thinking of Peace garden illustration by Max Goodchild


Thinking of Peace: background photography by Vladimir Guculak

Slideshow photography by Lace Landscapes, James Basson, Vladimir Guculak, Benneth Smith (MMGI),

Magdalena Firganek-Fulher


Shopping card: background photography by 55laney69


Blog: background photography by Maria Kallin Photography, further photos by KIUKO, Maria Kallin Photography, Angela Babkina, Peter Beales Roses Ltd, Daniel Zabezhinsky




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