This garden was designed as a project at Inchbald School of Design. The brief was to create a garden on the site of Jubilee Gardens with the theme ‘Chaos and Harmony’.


The approach was developed based on site analysis, with the immediate environment having a large influence over the garden. The site is situated on the inside curve of a salient of the river Thames, just east of the Golden Jubilee and Hungerford bridges.  The London Eye is a nearby major structure in the vertical plane, a huge wheel with spokes connecting the revolving circumference to the static centre.



The site shape looks very much like a pleated skirt pattern. In a skirt the pleats can be made so that the whole space, minus the pleats, will become a perfect square. The perfect square can subsequently hold within itself a circle.  Using this precept, a number of circles were used to create different areas within the park. All the circles are in a musical harmonic relationship to each other of 1:1.73. The dimensions of the rectangular elements of the garden are in golden ratio relationships to each other of 1:1.618.